I started this blog sometime in 2004 or 2005 as a digital scrapbook for my eclectic writings and thoughts and impressions about whatever I happened to take a fancy to. Tragedy struck sometime in 2012 when I forgot to renew my hosting and Godaddy mindlessly hit the delete button on my years of labour without having the simple courtesy of offering me a backup of my work. I’ll save the rant for a future post.  Suffice to say that I was fortunate enough, perhaps undeservedly so, to have a few posts backed up on my iPhone wordpress app. This blog is the phoenix like resurrection of my old dear departed blog, courtesy these remnant posts.

In the spirit of “The Road Not Taken“, the poem by Robert Frost, this blog is an attempt to explore paths that are removed from the mainstream of the Internet’s consciousness. About the only criteria for inclusion is that I deem it interesting and worth recording.

I also blog about programming at Code Fragments.

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