Why bother?

What effect will our actions have on the Universe? Will our most heroic achievements create so much as a microscopic ripple in the imcomprehensibly large fabric of the Universe?

We are the most remarkable creation of the Universe, the end product of 14 billion years of evolution. We are the rarest of the rare jewels of the Universe bestowed with an infinite reservoir of potential. For us to waste this limitless potential is an insult to the Universe, to the Earth, to ourself, to our fellow living beings, to every human and non-human ancestor who has temporarily entrusted us with their genes and their ambitions to be passed on to future generations. It behooves us to squeeze out every last drop of precious potential from our beings in homage to the Cosmos that incubated us in her sacred womb. To use every golden second of time the Universe has gifted us with constructively instead of wallowing in the pit of misery and despair and fear and hate. 

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