PK – Raju Hirani’s stunningly audacious gauntlet to organized religion and its myriad brazen peddlers of every creed, race and denomination, who patented “divide and conquer” ages before it’s diabolical reinvention by the British, “clothed” in the adorably naive and perenially petrified persona of AK, with Anushka and Sushant’s puppy romance serving as icing on this rather dense, frequently preachy cake, that is causing much heartburn and indigestion among those with the most to lose from the dismantling of this antediluvian structure. It is undeniable that faith has shaped mankind’s destiny in immeasurable overt and covert ways, yet hangs like a millstone around its tired neck impeding its relentless progress towards the stars, the primordial womb of its fiery birth. Perhaps the time has come to break the shackles and set the human race free. Perhaps it came centuries ago and we made the wrong turn at the fork. Time alone will tell.

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