Monthly Archives: June 2014

Running Habit

To run is to experience a freedom that was in abundant supply in our sepia-tinted childhood days of yore, yet has been severely constrained and squeezed out of our busily unimportant lives by the pressures and strain of everyday living. To push off, shaking the dust of decades of indolence, to hear your heart beat […]

Why Isn’t ET Here Yet?

Avoiding “Sagan Syndrome.” Why Astronomers and Journalists should pay heed to Biologists about ET. The first perspective shift is to step back in time, and realize the universe is very young. With 20 trillion years of star generation ahead, the universe has only covered 13.7 billion years or roughly .07% of its life span. Compare this […]


Shiva, the great God, fearsome, austere, rapt in unfathomably deep meditative contemplation, third eye like a dormant volcano, a coiled serpent waiting to attack, capable of unleashing cataclysmic forces of destruction that would make nuclear bombs seem like sparklers. Seated in flawlessly erect lotus posture atop the frigid, foreboding snow-clad Himalayan peaks, streaked golden by […]