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Mahabharata: A Few Questions

Questions after reading R.K.Narayan’s Mahabharata, a succinct and highly readable interpretation of the epic: 1. Why did Vidura not marry? 2. Why did Drona and Bhishma support the Kauravas? Weren’t they aware of the ¬†path of Dharma, learned as they were? 3. Why did Karna befriend Duryodhana? What was his grouse against the Pandavas? 4. […]


What is home? Is it a nameplate on a door? Or is it a feeling? Of being somewhere secure from the vicissitudes of the outside world? Like an unborn baby safely curled up in it’s mother’s cozy womb? Is home a place or is it a state of mind? Is home a physical space or […]

Taj Mahal: Requiem From A Dream

It shimmers in the distant haze beyond the banks of the Yamuna, rising above its pedestrian surroundings like a white dream, an El Dorado, the stuff of legend. Smoke rises from near it. Presumably from the flames of envy that it’s mortifying surroundings must relentlessly be consumed by. It is the rarest of the rare […]


Bali. A stupefying, overpowering, mind numbing explosion of art filling every available nook and cranny, every crevice, every awe inspiring natural formation. Every house a temple. Every temple an art museum. The mind and eye beaten and bloodied into submission by the sheer unfathomable volume of high grade art peeping out from every obscure village […]

On Jobs

Penned down some thoughts after watching the Steve Jobs movie on a long haul flight. Ashton Kutcher has done a remarkable job of conveying the singular intensity and drive of Jobs: Was Steve Jobs really great? What specifically did he achieve? He pioneered the notion of great design as being the foundation around which computers […]

Carl Sagan

The cumulative worldwide buildup of knowledge over time converts science into something only a little short of a transnational, trans-generational meta-mind.¬† – Carl Sagan in The Demon-Haunted World I think Dr Sagan’s quote above is applicable not only to science but to other realms of inquiry and creation as well. Culture, art, spirituality, literature to […]