Dimensions of Existence

Today, as I was in the restroom, I sensed, out of the corner of my vision, someone emerge from one of the stalls, wash his hands and exit.  Someone faceless, nameless, formless.  Someone with a family, kids possibly, a history, a life with ups and downs.  Maybe from a foreign land.  What was his land of origin like?  What were his ancestors like?  What kind of lives did they lead?  What language did they speak?  What kind of friends does he have? What are his interests?  What is his name?

It then struck me that a whole another dimension of existence had grazed me by.  Moreover, whole dimensions of existence are grazing us by all the time, in the elevator, in a crowded street, in a random queue, in a train or bus, in the doctor’s office.  Dimensions that might forever be unknown, vanishing into the great dark abyss of time.  We are the poorer for not knowing, not even being aware of the existence of these dimensions.  It seems not inconceivable to me that the slightest effort on our part to probe these additional dimensions of existence will yield rewards out of all proportion to the effort, and will enrich our lives by raising our awareness and appreciation of the universe we most fortuitously inhabit.

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