A Nation Hangs Its Head In Shame

If a young girl in the spring of her life cannot enjoy a night out without risking being horrifically gang raped and killed, then the failure of the Indian system, of the law and order machinery, of a male chauvinistic Indian society, with it’s increasingly archaic and anachronistic views on women, is complete and total. The Indian state has failed this girl in the most horrendous fashion possible. Failed every girl who will not be able to go out at night out of fear bordering on terror of the likely consequences. This incident has laid bare the rotten, maggot-infested core of Indian society in all it’s gory detail, trashed all our claims to modernity and progress. For once, the male dominated setup has gone too far, pushed a little too hard at a groaning and creaking social structure, that has dominated for the might of centuries. Let us hope that the demonic, ghoulish perpetrators of this gruesome, barbaric crime are punished with a merciless severity that will chill the spines and freeze the blood of any aspiring rapists. These are people with utterly sick minds who have really outlived their useless tenures on earth. They deserve to be relieved of their lives at the earliest opportunity. India and the world will really be better off without their wretched shadows looming over their young girls and women. No punishment, however stringent, will however, help the poor unlucky girl, who can suffer no more, nor her bewildered family, who have to live with mind-numbing pain and loss and emptiness and agony for the rest of their lives. Death really seems like a let off in this case for the pathetic perpetrators. No, these wretched excuses for human beings deserve something more long-lasting, pain on the order of spending one’s whole life in a dentist’s chair. Life imprisonment with solitary confinement seems a punishment not in proportion to the magnitude of the crime, not in proportion to crushing a flower in full bloom, to mercilessly trampling it’s hopes and dreams. Chemical castration, however barbaric it seems, might be a viable option in this particular case. Life imprisonment with solitary confinement combined with chemical castration may be the only just punishment possible. That is, if they survive the pent up rage of millennia of a public that has had it’s back broken, it’s honor sullied, it’s dreams crushed by the nexus of corrupt administrative machinery and antiquated male dominated social structure. If I were a cog in the sordid administrative/social machinery responsible for such a grievous injustice, I would be afraid, very afraid of the wrath, the scorn of a nation, long taken for granted, waiting to uncoil like a fiery serpent across the gulf of the repressed centuries. Let us hope, for India’s sake, that the sleeping giant within those of us still left with a conscience awakens. That out of the teary ashes of this terrible tragedy, a new, more modern, more just, more caring, more tolerant, more gender-equal social order, administration and citizenry is born. Then she would not have died in vain.

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