The Slaughter of Innocence

40 tiny hands and 40 tiny feet. 40 twinkling eyes and 20 curious minds. Twenty million questions and twenty million dreams. A whole generation’s fresh-eyed, rosy innocence. All brutally, heart-shatteringly, nerve-shreddingly exterminated in a singular flash of uncontrolled rage of a severely deranged, emotionally anesthetized individual left untreated and uncared for. A floating time bomb, a psychopath undetected, flying below the radar of public consciousness, with access to diabolical mass murder weapons that have no place in untrained hands and sick minds, no place in any society that calls itself civilized and evolved from the animal laws that our distant ancestors employed as a matter of routine, not even in the hands of law enforcement. For those tasked with protecting are not immune to the mental rot that afflicts the deepest wells of society, lying for the most part undetected, uncared, forgotten, until it bursts forth from the surface of the societal carpet, like a geyser spouting fire, like a serpent rearing up in a flash, in a grim reminder of the simmering hatred and violent rage that lurks beneath the deceptively tranquil surface, right in front of our indifferent, uninterested, unsympathetic eyes. Until our collective nervous system is jolted from it’s reverie by a billion volt electric shock like this. And then, only then, do we ask. Why, oh why did the children have to pay the ultimate price for our callous apathy? For our unwillingness to acknowledge the phantoms in our midst. Those who live their lives in the shadows of society, with rage as their only companion. The forgotten children of yesterday and of today, destined to become the mass killers of today and of tomorrow. If we are serious about preventing future catastrophes, we have to embrace the homicidal maniacs of the future, find cures for what afflicts them, alter the course of their destinies, and thereby of the multitude of innocents they would doubtless claim.

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