Monthly Archives: December 2012

A Nation Hangs Its Head In Shame

If a young girl in the spring of her life cannot enjoy a night out without risking being horrifically gang raped and killed, then the failure of the Indian system, of the law and order machinery, of a male chauvinistic Indian society, with it’s increasingly archaic and anachronistic views on women, is complete and total. […]

The Slaughter of Innocence

40 tiny hands and 40 tiny feet. 40 twinkling eyes and 20 curious minds. Twenty million questions and twenty million dreams. A whole generation’s fresh-eyed, rosy innocence. All brutally, heart-shatteringly, nerve-shreddingly exterminated in a singular flash of uncontrolled rage of a severely deranged, emotionally anesthetized individual left untreated and uncared for. A floating time bomb, […]