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Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie, a silent pioneer whose impact far exceeded that of Steve Jobs, has passed away. The bulk of Internet traffic runs on UNIX servers and routers written in C, both of which were invented by Ritchie. UNIX was also the foundation for Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Android. Java, C#, Python, Ruby all owe […]

Cricket Humour

Via Cricinfo: As a result of the training received at the clinic, the bowlers allege that, ironically, they suffered a marked decrease in pace, and one of them (Venkatesh Prasad, who understandably wished not to be named in this article) had in fact emerged from the experience a legspinner. Hehehehe…

The Thinkers and The Doers

Timothy Ferris doesn’t mince his words: Many worthy thinkers fear that “the life of the mind” is being crowded out by the current explosion of scientific information and technological innovation. “We are living in an increasingly post-idea world,” warns Neal Gabler, in a New York Times op-ed essay mourning the loss of an era when […]

Jagjit Singh 1941-2011

The voice that reverberated throughout my adolescence and youth has gone silent. The fragrance of the memories still lingers on. RIP.

Steve Job’s Value

It seems to me that Steve Jobs’ greatest value to Apple was not in the products he came up with, but the ones he rejected. The iPhone went through 3 iterations before it met Jobs’ exacting standards. Who is going to play that role now at Apple? Who is going to critique and have the […]

Speed of Light

Just how fast is the speed of light? Los Angeles to Mumbai is 8713 miles. An aircraft flying as the crow flies (a route which passes over the north pole) would require 15 hours 50 minutes to traverse this distance. A light beam travelling in vacuum would require 46.8 milliseconds! That’s how fast light is! […]

Chandrasekhar Limit

Lovely explanation of the Chandrasekhar limit discovered in the 1930s by my Nobel laureate namesake:

Ramblings on Spirituality

OM.  The cosmic vibration that fills all of space and time. The primordial pristine energy that ripples through the universe, radiating with the force of a trillion suns, bestowing life and vitality wherever it spreads. The set that contains all possible sets. The mother of all sets. Quiescent in it’s raging fury. Furious in it’s […]

Karmic Duty

There arise occasions from time to time, where one, in a rash moment of belligerent thoughtlessness, reacts with exaggerated harshness to a perceived slight, and is promptly racked to the bone by feelings of the most intense guilt and the deepest contrition.   Such a situation contrived to present itself today when a waiter’s apathetic […]


Turned on the radio today and rather serendipitously caught this hauntingly beautiful composition by Brahms, who suffered from feelings of inadequacy due to Beethoven’s gigantic shadow looming over him all his life, even going to the extent of destroying many of his own compositions that he deemed unworthy. Judging by this splendid composition, I think […]